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Karen Upchurch Luxury Travel Advisor

Our wonderful, Karen Upchurch has been featured in an article and on the front cover of LuxuryTravelAdvisor. An excellent read by Ruthanne Terrero.

The article discusses the family business and her journey into travel agent education. Dive a bit deeper into the story and find out what some of her favorite destinations shes been to over the years.

Karen Upchurch: An Educator’s Odyssey

Karen Upchurch, president of Odyssey Travel in Ormond, FL, prides herself on being proactive with her business rather than reactive. For this reason, she switched to selling luxury travel from mass-market in the early days of her agency, which opened in 1985 outside of Daytona. When Upchurch recognized she preferred being out front working with clients, she brought in her son, John, to run the business end of things. To keep new advisors coming in to the business, she launched a travel

school, where she mentors newbies and pulls the best of the best to become a part of Odyssey Travel, which has 13 employees and 27 independent contractors between its Ormond and Jacksonville, FL offices.

Upchurch has also kept apace of selling new destinations. A gifted crafter of FITs all over the world, she is now a South America specialist, a destination that provides her with an abundance of new experiences to serve up to her seasoned clients who have already been to Europe and Africa.....

Read more at: LuxuryTravelAdvisor

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