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Travel Runs in the Family

Karen Upchurch Luxury Travel Advisor

The Booming Business of Odyssey Travel.

Its been a great year for the Odyssey Travel family.

An excellent article written by Wayne Grant of the Ormond Beach Observer discusses our booming business. The article has some wonderful quotes from Karen Upchurch, Memories from her travels, and how our luxury travel agency is different from the average.

Below is a small section from the article:

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

This quote from an anonymous author is displayed in the office of Karen Upchurch, vice-president of Odyssey Travel in Ormond Beach. She’s been helping enrich people with travel since opening the agency in 1985 and was featured in the August issue of Luxury Travel Advisor magazine.

Travel is a passion she shares with her clients.

“I enjoy making dreams come true,” she said recently.

The company’s business has doubled in the last eight years in sales, since the

recession, and Upchurch attributes it to the improving economy and retiring baby boomers, but also the addition of her son, John N. Upchurch, who, as president, handles the business end of the operations.

Having her son handle human resources, office management, etc. has freed her to spend all of her time working with.......

Read more at the: Ormond Beach Observer.

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