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Air Travel With Odyssey & Virtuoso

Virtuoso Air, Auto & Insurance:

Exclusively for Virtuoso Advisors with more than 95 contracts on 65 airlines, plus private jet, car rental and travel insurance benefits, Virtuoso's industry-leading partnerships will increase your revenue while providing premium value to your clients.

Inquire with one of our Travel Advisors to learn more about free airfare with our preferred suppliers like Regent when you book a cruise through Odyssey Travel.

Our Travel Advisors have the ability to ticket both domestic and international flights though Amadeus in conjunction with a tour, cruise or independent itinerary travel plan booked with Odyssey Travel.

We have the best pricing on International business and first class tickets

Our service fee per ticket is $50 for a domestic ticket and $100 for an international ticket. 

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Whether you’re looking to explore a city, or soak in iconic sites, our advisors will help you find everything you want.

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Our partners can help you with that.

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