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Portofino | A Road Less Traveled

A sneak peek of our 7-Night Monaco Yacht Show / Tuscany Voyage cruise with Azamara Club Cruises. Day four of our Azamara journey dropped the four of us off in the laid back, upscale seaside village of Santa Margherita, Italy to explore. (The ship would leave in six hours and make a forty-five-minute journey to its’ next port of call; Portofino.) We toured the beautiful city of Santa Margherita and enjoyed authentic Ligurian cuisine in a local restaurant, Osteria N 7. We had the option of getting back on the boat and taking the leisurely ride, sunbathing on the pool deck and eating a wonderful lunch. However, we ventured out of our comfort zone and decided to make the 5-kilometer trek on foot. Here are pictures of us, walking along footpaths, along the Italian Riviera, passing Paraggi Beach and then taking a forest path up and then down into the beautiful town of Portofino. You can see the ship from the trails. Nope, we are not on it; not us. We preferred a two-hour walk along the sea and through the woods……. we were on an adventure!! The walk was absolutely a worthwhile venture, stopping every 2 minutes to take pictures. - Joy Neer

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